mal-emery-business-cardAs a Perth based entrepreneur, I have won national recognition with my “Street Smart” money making strategies, helping people in dozens of different industries to turn their businesses into money making machines.

Well known for my remarkable ability to think outside the square, I ventured into my first business at the age of 22 when I was fired from a job, which stifled and frustrated the already budding entrepreneur within. This was a challenging time for me because not only did I have the commitment of repayments on a new house and land package to honour, the birth of our first child was imminent!

Sold out in 13 Months with…

Almost Enough $$$ to Pay off My House!

Applying the steely focus I have become known for, I turned my first venture into a resounding success in record time. So successful in fact, that when I sold this business only 13 months later, I had almost enough money to pay for the entire house and land package, which I had expected to be paying off over the next twenty years.

Let’s put that in perspective by today standards, that is the equivalent of paying off a half million dollar property in just 13 months.

I had discovered a latent passion – for business! Over the next two decades, I went on to buy and sell some 16 different businesses, using my uniquely potent style of marketing. I allowed no time for the grass to grow under my feet as each of these businesses was sold within a short space of time, allowing me to move forward to the next enterprise!

These days I have one of the largest coaching and consulting business’s on the planet. I refer to this group as ‘Rebellious Millionaires’. There is approximately

  • 50 client’s paying me $8,000 to $10,000 per annum for my No Bull business sales and marketing advice.
  • And a further 80 client’s paying me Approximately $35,000 to coach them for 12 months.
  • I also have a Master Mind Group of 28 Shakers and Movers who meet four times a year for one day and pay me $18,000 each for the privilege.

No one else in Australia can claim to have opened the door to the money vault and turned up the money metabolism for others more than me. This is not just for bragadocia but to impress upon you the value of listening to my Street Smart Marketing advice.

Besides, let’s face it, if you’re going to learn from someone, you have to know if they really know what they’re talking about. So here’s a list of some of my achievements…

  • In October 2006 nearly 1000 people attended my ‘Silent Killer Masters of Cashflow Seminar’ where I gave away a Chrysler 300c car and donated over $70,000 to Ovarian Cancer Research.
  • In October 2007 again nearly 700 people attended my ‘Silent Killer Masters of Cash Flow Seminar’ where this time I gave away a Toyota Prius and donated approximately $30,000 each to the fight against Global Warming and Ovarian Cancer Research.
  • I have bought and sold in excess of 16 businesses, often made $100,000’s in a very short space of time using little or none of my own money. I have been doing this since I was 23, and I’m now 57. That’s 34 years of expensive experience.
  • In the last 8 years, I have sold at least $5 million worth of products and services via mail order, direct response and the Internet.
  • One of my Marketing Boot Camps cost $2,995 to attend with a ‘Double Your Money Back’ Guarantee that no-one hit me for.
  • My Global Information Summit in November 2004 was attended by approximately 350 people who paid up to $2495 to be there.
  • In April 2005 in Chicago, USA I won one of six awards at “The 2005 League of Extraordinary Marketers”, decided and awarded by my peers.
  • I have had days where I have turned over close to $100,000 and I have even had a million dollar weekend.
  • I have also shared the stage with Armand Morin, Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, Bill Glazer, Yanik Silver, Jeff Paul, Jim Fleck, Stephen Pierce, Tim Paulson, Bill Rancic (Trump’s Apprentice), Corey Rudl, Jim Edwards, Brett McFall, Mike Koenigs, Tom Hua, John Tickell, Ed Burton, Pat Mesiti, Joseph Sugarman, Derek Gehl, Rick Otton and many others.
  • I have been paid to present at the University of WA for Extension Courses. Also I have featured on ABC Radio and monthly time slots on 89.7 Twin Cities FM.
  • I’ve had 5 books in bookstores that have sold like hotcakes including “Your Right to be Rich” and “EXPOSED – Zero to a Millionaire in Three Years or Less in Your Own Business!”, “EXPOSED – Recession Proof Your Business and Income” and “7 Keys To Making $100,000 in 100 Days” Amway even made ‘Your Right to be Rich’, the book of the month & ordered 7400 copies.
  • I have been hired for my marketing skills by 100s of businesses in numerous categories, including multi-level marketing companies and a publicly listed company.
  • I have even sold 2 online and offline mail order businesses, that were started from scratch, for just under a quarter of a million dollars.
  • Also l have created complete ‘million dollar’ marketing systems for new and existing businesses.
  • Due to my coaching, several of my Platinum Coaching members have completely retired from traditional business.

Make no mistake – the rest of the information here is about getting rich. Seriously rich. It’s intended mostly for those who have an urgent and pressing need for money and who want to be rich first and philosophise later. It’s about making more money than you ever imagined possible. It’s not some airy fairy diatribe – it’s about a proven system or formula you can start putting into place today. Systems that I have used over and over with unbelievable success. There is a formula for getting rich and like all formulas, it is exact. Just as with geometry and algebra, it is impossible to fail when this formula is carried out with precision. There exists such a thing called “The Dance of Money”. By that I mean money moves from place to place from one person to another. How attractive or magnetic you are to money determines the ease, consistency and volume you attract.

YOU have as much right to be rich as anyone else; it’s your birthright. I would go so far as to say you have an obligation to achieve and have unlimited access to all things necessary for you to live life to the fullest – in every sense; physical, spiritual and intellectually. Neither ought you to suffer guilt about desiring riches. The desire for wealth really reflects a yearning for a better, more abundant life. It would surely be absurd to deny the desire for an abundant life. The person who already has all they want in order to live in abundance, is rich. And in today’s demanding society, such a life would be impossible without money.

Try filling your role as a spouse, a parent, an employer, employee or even that of a citizen, if you have nothing to give. And if you’re wondering, no, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, nor did I have an extensive education. In fact I struggled through school with an undiagnosed learning problem.

But I have made money. Lots of money. . And wealthy because I learned what works. And that’s what I am going to share with you. A high IQ, bucket loads of talent or a private school education are no guarantee of riches either! People possessed of a high intellect are poor too! Of course natural ability is surely an advantage. But school drop-outs, so called dumb-bums, and people with a seemingly less than average intelligence can be rich. By the way, just because you’re “better at it” than someone else who has become rich, doesn’t automatically mean you will too. Nor does location have anything to do with it. If that was the case, we’d find that every single person in a given street, suburb, town or city would be rich. This is rarely the case. Everywhere, rich and poor co-exist, often sharing similar or the very same vocations.

So believe it. You CAN be rich. You have the RIGHT to be rich!

So if the thought of attaining riches is offensive to you, I suggest you back out right now. But if you’ve reached the point where you are truly sick of constantly flogging yourself to death, working either for yourself or worse still, in service to somebody else who pays you a pittance for your blood, sweat and tears, then this is definitely for you.

How can he be so sure? It’s simple really: I have been in your position at some point in the last 20 years or so and have also coached innumerable clients – who are also just like you.

Believe it or not, only 5% of successful people when presented with a solution to a problem act upon it. You see, seminars, listening to tapes and reading books doesn’t actually “work”. For you to achieve a new and different result and to profit, there are 3 basic steps, and in order they are: AWARENESS, DECISION and ACTION. I will create the awareness for you, the rest is up to you.I am not going to be dropping by your house asking if you’ve done anything yet. I am not your parent, guardian, saviour, nagging spouse or business partner. You don’t owe me any money, and frankly no amount of money would interest me in such a role.

It is from my own experience. It’s about what has worked for me… and what hasn’t. I am proud of the fact that I am an ordinary bloke who could never be considered a conservative, stuffy headed academic, nor a tight fisted, boring accountant type or theorist, although there are plenty of these pretenders writing business books.

I have worked my way to where I am – I didn’t study it in a classroom. I am in touch with business. I still ows and run several “information” businesses of my own, I make sales every day, deal with bankers and bureaucrats gone mad, hire and fire staff, satisfy customer needs and solve real business problems of my own and those of my clients. What I sincerely do know is that you need the most truthful, blunt and insightful account of what it takes to be a roaring success in business, ever.

And make no mistake, if you follow my advice you’ll be breaking a lot of the ‘rules’ society in general places upon us. Can I save you? Is it possible to save anybody? It’s impossible to drag people to success, especially once they’ve got to the stage where they’re pedalling like hell. But the only person who can save you is YOU!

In truth, most people who come to listen to my talks or even take the step of investing in my information, never do anything with it! I don’t like it but came to terms with it long ago. Most people are content to dabble about with ideas, but they stall at actually doing anything. If you are already in business, I will give you the confidence to move forward in an efficient, productive manner. If you’ve never been in business, you may even go right off the idea altogether, but if you do, you’re probably spooked too easily to succeed in the fluctuating, challenging world of business anyway. But if it doesn’t scare you off, what it will do is navigate you around many of the pitfalls and problems that can occur. It will even help you cope with problems that can’t be avoided.

My own journey has been and continues to be exhilarating.

I sincerely wish the same for you!